Warranty Service Policy

1.  Seavo offers 36 months of Warranty Service for RMA.


2.  The following cases is not covered by Seavo free warranty:

1)  Products is out of warranty period;

2)  Unauthorized change and modification lead to unavailability;

3)  Damaged by abnormal physical pressure, electromagnetic interference, unstable power supply, electrostatic interference, surge impact, poor grounding, etc.

4)  Damaged by improper storage condition, operation, application and transportation.

5)  Irresistible factors like flood, fire, lightning, earthquake, typhoon, etc. lead to unavailability.


3.  If customer returns defect unit out of warranty, Seavo will offer chargeable repair service.In case the key spare parts or technique required for repair are not available, Seavo will have right to deny customer’s request to repair the returned unit.


4.  Repair cycle

1)  Free Warranty service: Units will be completed repair and be sent back to customer within 7 days after Seavo receive RMA units.

2)  Chargeable repair service: Units will be detected and cost list of repair will be sent to Customer within 7 days after Seavo receive the returned units; Units will be completed repair and be sent back to customer within 10 days after Customer's confirmation.


5.  RMA shipping and freight cost

1)  RMA shipping: Packaging must be intact and accompanied by paper Fault List, customer should notify Seavo after delivery. In case of damage on arrival, quantity inconsistent or other problems, please notify shipper in the arrival day.

2)  RMA freight cost: For Free Warranty, customer pays freight cost of returning, Seavo will cover freight cost of shipping back. 

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